Friday, October 17, 2008

Save a child in Africa!

Here at Tropical Tea Company we work hard every day to provide great customer service, great products, and an easy to use online tea shop. We also believe that the tea community is in touch with the global environment and cares about all who inhabit this planet. We also believe that we should give back to those who give us the enjoyment of tea such as China and Africa.

So here at Tropical Tea Company with every order you place helps a child in Africa have clean drinking water for 1 year. How do we do this? Good question….Tropical Tea Company has partnered up with the Water Is Life Foundation ( who has invented a filtered straw that can hang around the neck of child and will filter out 99.9% of all the bad things in water that causes illness. I have personally run my own tests on the straw and trust me it works.
For example I had my daughter and her friend take a clean glass of water in the backyard and told them to make the water as dirty as possible. Well they lived up to the challenge, I watched them put mud, grass, dog food, water from the dog bowl, they spit in it, well you get the point. After watching all of that I had to muster up the courage to actually take a drink of this nasty water. After thinking about it for about 4 min. and my wife and children rooting me on to take a drink I did it! I sucked that nasty water right up that filtered straw and it was like amazing, the water tasted just like bottled water. It even tasted cleaner than my very own tap water.

6,000 people die each day due to the lack of clean drinking water…….6,000 people!! This has got to stop. I am telling you from the bottom of my heart this filter straw is the cure. We get most of our black tea from China and all of our Rooibos from Africa and these are the people who are in the greatest need for clean drinking water. At Tropical Tea Company we are so devoted to this cause that if you want to purchase straws only and no tea that is GREAT!! We have a picture on our home page of the straw that you can click on and purchase as many straws as you want and we will send those straight to Africa where the need is the greatest. The straws cost us $10.00 to make and ship so rest assured that 100% of your money goes to sending these filter straws to Africa. I am so passionate about this cause if you place a filter straw order I will send you a FREE 2oz. bag of Tropical Tea Co’s. House Blend, which is a White Coconut Crème tea.

We at Tropical Tea Company feel that it is possible and a responsibility to provide great products at low costs and help those people in need all over the world at the same time. With help of you and everyone you know we can make a difference in the world today by simply doing the thing we love….drinking tea!

Well thanks for visiting our site and if you want you can visit or for more information on how you can help with the thirst. Remember that Tropical Tea Company is nothing without our loyal base of customers, so if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns please email me at anytime.

Humble Thanks,
Will Rhoads