Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kindness Goes A Long Way!!

So funny story, tonight I had a craving for some Chinese food from my favorite little take out place. It was a bit late so in case I caught them at closing time I brought a 4 oz. bag of my Keenum China Panda Black Tea to give them. Well I gave it to the guy at the front desk taking the order and within 2 seconds the owner and 2 chefs were out there to look. When they realized that I brought them tea the owner motioned to me to wait a sec. He came back with an old pickle jar that had tea in it. Well he popped the top off and to my surprise it was some of the finest black tea I have ever laid eyes on. I asked one of the workers there who spoke English to ask the man where he got this tea, and his reply was "my mother has a small tea farm in China and she HAND PICKS and Rolls her own tea!!! Well needless to say she harvests in March and I have committed to at least 10 lbs.

Because of a small bit of kindness and a little desperation to get some good Chinese food, I acquired a contact in China that has some of the finest and rare Black tea I have ever seen. Moral of the story.......Well I am sure you already know....Thanks for reading.


Katie said...

What a great story! I look forward to March.

Karen said...

Mmmmmm..Tasty story! I'm curious what type of tea you chose to drink with your chinese food?